Four Restaurants in Four Weeks?!

28 10 2009


Retail Specialists Elliott Dweck and Murray Doueck with Michael Bao Huynh and his wife.

Michael Bao Huynh

 announced that he will be opening a restaurant per week next month. The owner of the fastest growing Vietnamese sandwich shop Baoguette, Huyhn has four different concepts in motion. The first is  “O Bao,” a noodle bar and Asian Barbecue spot on East 53rd Street, making its debut November 1st. The restaurant will be complete with a modernly designed back garden and bamboo decor. Next will be a burger joint at 134 Ludlow on the Lower East Side. While he hasn’t finalized the name, Hyunh knows it will be open late night. The third week is another location for Baoguette, but this time at 9 Maiden Lane. Huynh hopes to have over 10 locations in New York in the future. The final November eatery is “The Spot,” an Asian-inspired dessert place serving treats like ice cream sandwiches and soft serve. Start your Bao Tour next month, or just visit one of his current locations!




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