Growlers: The Hottest Beer Accessory?

27 01 2010

Two summers ago I was introduced to a new word, “growler.” Picturing an angry dog, I found out its a 64-ounce giant jug filled with beer. Brewers often carry them for patrons who would like a much larger serving than the 16-ounce pint. Customers can take their growler, fill ’em up, and bring ’em home to consume local craft beers.

Since that summer in Upstate New York, I haven’t used a growler, but the New York Times is reporting that it’s “the beer accessory of the moment.” Not only are growlers economically smart running you $8-$20 for a refill, but it’s also ecologically smart as it doesn’t waste bottles. Rolling Stone journalist Michael Endelman who is a new father and a big fan of the growler told The Times, “I don’t go to bars much anymore. It just seems like a great way to be a beer geek without going out.”

Even supermarkets are jumping on the growler bandwagon, as Gristedes grocery is selling their own at the University Place location. Want one? Some local carriers include Bierkraft, The Brazen Head, The Ginger Man, Whole Foods on The Bowery, and my personal favorite, Rattle ‘N’ Hum.




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